Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review of The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I picked up this book at the airport in Amsterdam because I wasn't feeling very well and wanted something light and easy to read as a distraction. The Memory Keeper's Daughter was not a very good book, but it was not so horrible that I put it down (although you should know that I rarely put a book down -- it has to be REALLY bad). Anyway, this book was neither written nor edited particularly well. She also couldn't stop describing everyone as 'angry' -- but then everyone was so damn repressed (which I guess can go hand-in-hand with being angry). To her credit, the story was compelling enough that I wanted to find out what happened at the end. But I skimmed my way through most of the second half.


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beemused said...

hey, you're reviewing now! I'll add your link to my blog. I hate it too when I'm stuck with a tepid book, and feeling compelled to finish it only because it doesn't completely suck.